Pastoral Care

Pupil well-being is paramount, and the Wellesley Haddon Dene community offers a very caring and nurturing environment. With small class sizes, teachers know each individual child very well.  We have a team of trained staff on hand, and the children have access to a school counsellor should they need any emotional support.  Many staff members live onsite with their families and pets, creating a warm, family-oriented atmosphere.  We are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle.  All our food is freshly cooked and prepared on site and we only use quality ingredients, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables delivered daily and meat from a reputable local butcher.  Meal times are social and lively, and good manners are always promoted.

Our PSHE programme is designed to help our pupils get on with other people, and prepare them for the responsibility and challenges of adult life.  This work is further reinforced by pupil-led assemblies and our tutorial programme.

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