A Smooth Transition into the Prep School

The most important aspect of Pre-Prep is that your child makes a smooth transition from the Early Years in Little Denes to main school life.  As your child nears the time to move up to Reception, we organise a number of transition days for parents and children to attend.  This familiarises them with their new teacher, daily routines and learning environment.  

Your child will always be warmly welcomed by their class teacher at Wellesley Haddon Dene. Although our days are structured to allow your child to develop a school routine, we aim to intersperse their taught lessons with activities and hands-on learning. This ensures that your child is continually engaged throughout their school day, and becomes inspired to achieve academic excellence.

Specialist teachers will ensure that your child has the best subject specific teaching available, and that any extra support required will be given with a level of expertise that ensures gaps are promptly filled.

To broaden your child’s horizons, we aim to introduce your child to many cultural experiences early on in their school life. This helps to develop new modes of expression, and promote understanding of different ways of living.

We offer termly trips to places of cultural, scientific, and historical interest to inspire curiosity and ensure a more interactive approach to learning. Through elocution, music lessons, and trips to local festivals and competitions, your child will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture.

By being part of whole school fundraising activities, your child will further understand their wider environment. Our school culture, through these activities in particular, aims to promote empathy, understanding, and confidence.

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