Our Head Boys & Girls

Year 8 Head Girl – Freya Ralph

I’m Freya Ralph, the latest Head Girl at WHD, a school I have loved and thrived in for four years. I particularly enjoy the freedom that we have in our amazing grounds and the fact that WHD allows everyone to be themselves; to work hard, of course, but to focus on our passions: sport, art, drama, swimming, singing, music and, my all-time favourite, cricket.

My aim for this year is to do my best to make sure that everyone feels comfortable, equal and cared for. For all of us to throw ourselves willingly into doing things that could feel uncomfortable and have fun doing it. But most importantly, to feel supported, able to speak out and know that someone is listening.

I’m so privileged to be part of the WHD student leadership team and can’t think of a more rewarding way to finish my last year at this great school.

Year 8 Head Boy – Tate Sheppard

I am Tate Sheppard; I am thrilled at becoming Head Boy at Wellesley Haddon Dene.  Thank you for giving me your support to make this happen. I joined the school four years ago in Year 4, with my twin brother Idris. I have loved the opportunities this school has offered, especially drama: partaking in plays, poetry/prose at the Thanet Music & Drama Festival. Music; being part of the school choir and enjoying my trumpet playing. I have loved the range of sports,  my personal favourites are football, hockey, and tennis but I have enjoyed them all. I have found everyone across the school very friendly and supportive and look forward to helping this continue through my last year at this lovely school. 

This is an important time in our history as two schools continue their journey together.  I see a key aspect of my role is to help this community learn from each other, openly share suggestions and improvements to make Wellesley Haddon Dene the very best of both in these beautiful grounds, and with the support of our brilliant teachers.

Nicholas Chhabra – Head Boy

For me, Wellesley Haddon Dene is like being amongst family and we come together in an environment of kindness, respect and with a sense of belonging.

I’m very proud to have been selected as Head Boy, a little nervous but, also very excited to assist in the leadership of our school, along with my fellow students.

We are very fortunate to have many wonderful opportunities at Wellesley Haddon Dene and I hope to encourage us all to be brave enough to grasp and enjoy these opportunities available to us.

I am to be a good role model, to uphold our school values and encourage an inclusive, kind and respectful school community.

“Wellesley has given me so many opportunities – the drama, the sports, the activities, the music, the teachers – in fact, I love everything about Wellesley!”


“I love the art and drama – there are so many opportunities and the plays are always amazing fun!”


“Wellesley has given me confidence and independence in all that I do. It has given me the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and explore new things that I would never be able to do at any other school.”