A Foreword From Mrs Parpworth

Welcome back to our final full term of this academic year.  The summer term in school is always such a special one and we have a calendar full of exciting activities and educational opportunities for our pupils. There are also a number of school events for parents to enjoy, so please do keep an eye on the WHD weekly and the electronic school calendar for all details.

We do hope that you had a restful and fruitful holiday!  It was wonderful to hear of Madame Ryder’s news over the break as she welcomed her new baby daughter Alwena to the world.  We hear that mum and baby are doing very well and we cannot wait to see them both.

We are delighted to announce that Mr Bithel-Vaughan is returning to school after a very serious illness.  We are thrilled to see him back in the classroom.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Great Big School Clean during the break.  With everyone’s efforts, we managed to reach our target of collecting 40 bags of rubbish – which is incredible when you think of how much litter we have saved from our streets and entering the sea.

Many of our students will be approaching important exams this term with scholarship, common entrance and SATs exams taking place.  We wish all our students the very best in preparing for these exams in the weeks ahead.

Due to adverse and highly changeable weather, we have decided to postpone opening up the fields before school for Pre-Prep children entering Junior House.  Until the weather stabilises, we will continue to welcome children, as normal, through the blue door.

Finally,  many of our classes in Year 5 and upwards will welcome new students this term from different parts of the country and from around the world as part of our short term boarding programme.  We hope that our students enjoy making new friends in the coming weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead! 

Mrs Jo Parpworth 

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School Last Term

Big Read

We completed the ‘Big Read’ last term where children in the upper parts of the school joined some of our youngest to share their passion for reading.  Much fun was had by all! 

Science Fair 

Thank you very much to Mrs Lear for organising a truly wonderful science fair.  It was inspiring to see so many varied and interesting experiments and research projects on display! We had everything from black hole investigations, to exploring plasma, insect habitats and painting with Oxygen!  Our judge, Miss Rooms,  from King’s School Canterbury had a very difficult job in deciding the worthy winners but well done to Gian, Clara, Suri and Isabella (in Year 6) and Harriett (Year 1) for winning a prize. We thank Miss Rooms for her time and expertise!

Elocution Cup

Thank you to Mrs Bourne and her fellow judges, Mr Wheatley-Ward and Mrs Flory for organising and adjudicating at the Elocution Cup.  The performances were simply outstanding and we were absolutely delighted that everyone in Year one upwards participated in this prestigious event.  Many children battled nerves but stood on the stage with complete confidence and poise.

A huge well done to the winners:

Year 1 and 2

1st: Arabella Dolan Crowley 

2nd Place Sadie Manning and Coco Smith 

3rd Rez Gardner and Dominick Foster

Commended: Eva Roberts, David Walters and Remy Watson

Year 3 and 4

1st Place Isabella Perks

2nd Place Langa Ngwenya-Robinson, Cooper Webb

3rd Place: Marlo Montila, Oliver Eve.

Commended: Claudia Flockhart, Kody Simpson, Aziza Foster-Troy, Emilia Foster

Year 6

1st Suri Lear

2nd: Gian Tarr

3rd: Juelle Simpson

Commended: Theo Alifrangis and Brooke Webb

Year 7-8

1st: Tate Sheppard

2nd: Kaspar Lear

3rd: Lila Grady

Commended: Felix Worthington

Great Big School Clean

As part of our commitment as an Eco School, we pledged to collect 40 bags of litter from our local community during the months of March and April.  We are delighted by the level of involvement from everyone in our community, especially giving up free time in the Easter holiday to do this.  We are so proud of everyone involved!

Comic Relief

Thank you everyone for supporting our non-school uniform day in aid of this important cause.  We managed to raise £260!

Year 3 and 4 Show

What a truly incredible show Year 3 and 4 performed for us at the close of term.  It was absolutely magnificent, showcasing the very best of everyone’s talents!  Well done to every single child who shined so brightly on stage. Huge kudos to Ms Websper and Mr Redwood for creating such a dynamic show.  We all thought Pandora’s Box was awesome, here are some reviews from our students:

Pearl said:

I thought that this was a really good show and I could see all of their good work that they put into this show. I thought everyone had a perfect role and could tell that they all went home everyday and practised their role whether they had a big role or not. I especially thought that Elodie was very confident and that she has a lovely voice; she had been casted very well. I’m meant to be choosing my favourite person from each year but I thought that everyone was amazing. In my opinion I’ll give this a 5 stars.

A special shout to our lovely choreographer/drama teacher Ms Websper and a special shout out to our musician Mr Redwood.

Exquisite! 5 stars *****

Izzy said:

First of all I think Mrs Websper and Mr Redwood need a special mention for being a great musical director and choreographer. Then most of all, the children who performed so confidently and I thought Elodie sang so well.  All of the children sang and danced amazingly and they put in a huge effort into this show.  It  was so entertaining.  I watched it twice and I would watch it again and again.  Honestly I didn’t know what to expect, would it be as good as a Year 6 show? They all proved me wrong by performing us the best show I think I’ve seen!

The facial expressions were phenomenal. I rate this show five stars because every single child was so confident, they looked like they were professional and spent years practising and they only practised about twice a week. Overall I think their acting was outstanding and I would definitely recommend coming to our school to watch it.      

Music Soiree

Music is designed to evoke feelings and emotions and our children certainly achieved this during our music soiree.  The evening was highly entertaining showcasing the very best of our music and vocal talent across the school.  Some of the performances were absolutely breathtaking and we have no doubts that some of our students have a firm future on the stage!  Thank you to Mrs Spencer and Mr Redwood for organising the event! Thank you also to Mr Spencer and Averil for making guest appearances.

Denne Hill Cross Country 

Our thanks go to Mrs Lorder-Symonds who once again kindly invited us to the spectacular Denne Hill grounds, to compete in the Wellesley Haddon Dene cross country competition.  It was wonderful to see the children compete in such a supportive and team oriented way.  Thank you to the Year 8 parents who supplied a bounty of delicious cakes, treats and refreshments. 

Kent Primary Swimming Championships

Congratulations to our swim teams for competing in this high level event.  Our Year 5 & 6 team including Darcey, Suri, Nicholas and Felix came third in Kent in the medley and freestyle relays!  Our Year 3 & 4 team including Georgie, Oliver, Lyndon, Elodie and Langa all achieved personal best times during their swims.  We are so proud of everyone involved for their conduct, effort and performances on the day.  Thank you to Mrs Crompton, Mrs Dyer and Mrs Girdler for their expert coaching. 

Lenten Service

Thank you to Mrs Spencer, Mr Spencer Senior, Reverend Matt Hodder and student speakers for a thoroughly enjoyable Lenten Service and fitting end to our term.  We managed to raise over £100 for St Peter’s church’s chosen charities. 

Easter Fair

We want to say a huge thank you to our PFA for organising such a wonderful Easter bonnet parade and fair.  It was so heartwarming to see the children enjoy their interactions with the Easter Bunny (thank you Mr Pullman) whilst they proudly paraded their colourful bonnets, led by our senior orchestra.  The fair delivered brilliant opportunities for families to socialise and enjoy many of the delicious treats and refreshments on offer.  The magician certainly created a buzz and the crafts/activities kept the children entertained throughout the afternoon.  We know that this took many months of preparation and once again, we want to say how thankful we are to our PFA.

School This Week

Job Opportunities for Students at WHD

We are delighted to announce that our students will be launching their own business enterprise this term.  The finer details are to be announced but in essence, the children will be offering parents the opportunity to purchase refillable products such as hand wash and detergents at our Eco Refill Shop.  In advance of this, we’d be grateful if parents could complete this short questionnaire

In order to start the business, children in Years 4-8 will have the opportunity to apply for certain roles with the organisation:

  • Directors
  • Marketing Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Stock Control Managers
  • Buying Managers
  • Sales Team
  • Market Research Managers

Details and application forms have been posted on Dojo.  If the children would like to apply then they will need to fill in the form and give it to Mrs Sabin-Dawson for consideration.  Once shortlisted, the children will be interviewed by Mrs Parpworth.

Taking part in the initiative provides excellent experience for the children which they can add onto their personal statements/CVs and talk about in interviews.  It will help to build employability skills for the future.

Thank you to Mrs Sabin-Dawson for launching this initiative which also helps towards building a sustainable future!

RNLI Assembly – Friday 19th April

The RNLI will join Pre-Preps to discuss beach safety.

Digital Marketing Presentation – Friday 19th April

As part of our Careers Programme, one of our parents, Emma Frewin, will join Years 5-8 to discuss her career in marketing, the steps she took to get there and the skills required.  We are looking to inform our students about the opportunities for employment and how their learning will support different pathways.

Future Events

RNLI Assembly – Tuesday 23rd April

The RNLI will join Years 4-8 to discuss beach safety.

Parent Quiz Night – Friday 26th April 

Following on from our successful quiz last year, we will be holding another quiz for parents to enjoy.  The event will start at 7pm with a £10 entry fee.  Please bring your own food and drinks.  Further details and booking information to follow.

Exeat – Friday 3rd May

The school will close at 3.30pm on this day.  After-school Club will not run on this day.

Year 6 SATs Week – Begin Monday 13th May

CE French Listening / Speaking Exams – Tuesday 14th May

PFA Fundraising Day – Friday 24th May

We are inviting children to come to school in their pyjamas on this day to raise funds for the PFA.  A voluntary donation of £2 will be added to School Money. 



As you know, we are striving to do everything we can to become a more sustainable/ greener school. One thing that we would like to ask you to do to help us with this is to turn off your car engines when you are dropping off/ picking up your child/ children. Or maybe you can go one step further and walk, or park and stride, to school (there are many suitable roads to park in around the school site- the other side of our Orchard (Vale Road) is particularly nice at this time of year). Car emissions pollute the world around us and cause significant health impacts. Carbon dioxide is released by burning fossil fuels like oil, which the petrol and diesel that we use in our cars is derived from. This harmful greenhouse gas contributes to climate change, including extreme weather events, sea-level rise, floods and drought. Additionally, our cars produce nitrogen oxides. When we breathe this in it can, over time, affect how well our lungs work, as well as the health of our wildlife. So let’s make Wellesley Haddon Dene’s air the cleanest that we can provide for our pupils and keep the carbon dioxide emissions low. Many thanks for your support.

In May half term, Alpha Schools have two half term camps which are open to all students. These are based at Lucton School, Herefordshire and Prebendal School, Chichester. 

Alpha Students can attend these half term camps at a discounted rate of £600 per student for nine nights. If you wish to book for a half programme of four or five nights, this is also available. Sibling discounts of 10% are also available.

Please email kate.unsworth@alphaschools.co.uk to book or for further information.

Lucton Leaflet

Prebendal Leaflet

School Calendar

Please click here and scroll through for the most up to date calendar of events for the term.


This week the kitchen will be serving menu week 1.

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Matches This Week

2.00pm start unless otherwise stated

Quick Stick Hockey Y3/4 A (a) – Thursday 4pm

Quick Stick Hockey Yr5/6 A (a) – Friday 4pm

Super Saturday Football Y3/4 A (a) – Saturday 9am

Please always refer to the website calendar as it is the most up-to-date place to check for fixture changes and locations.

If your child has been selected for a fixture, we will communicate with you prior to the fixture with information regarding the recommended pick up time from Wellesley HD.

Matches Last Week (11th – 20th March)


Hockey v SLC: U13 A Boys

Lost 1-5

Rugby v Northbourne Park: U13 A Boys

Lost 1-8

Rugby v Northbourne Park: U11 A Boys

Lost 3-8

Netball v Northbourne Park: U11 A Girls

Lost 0-7

Netball v Northbourne Park: U11 B Girls

Lost 0-5

Squash v King’s: U13 A Mixed

Lost 1-6

John Maylam Cup

4th in Plate Competition


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