A Foreword From Mrs Parpworth

It has been a crisp and brisk week at Wellesley Haddon Dene.  Our expansive fields have sparkled with droplets of ice and the entire landscape has looked very wintry indeed!

Thank you to everyone who has donated clothing for our Swap Shop taking place on the 2nd February.  We are delighted that ‘Salt of the Earth’, a local sustainable retailer, will be joining us during the event with a pop-up shop.  Please continue to donate over the coming week and I want to take the opportunity to thank the PFA for all their support and time in organising the event. 

You will see below that there is an expansive list of activities featured this week and for the forthcoming term. One of our aims as a school is to inspire our children and to open up a world of new opportunities for them. This term’s programme of events is evidence of that. On that note, please note that the date for the Year 3 and 4 Show has now changed to Friday 15th March to allow for a trip to the Houses of Parliament which is taking place on the 8th March.

Years 4 to 8 have their dancing shoes ready for a night of celebration for Burn’s Night.  We hope that the children all have a fantastic week!

Mrs Jo Parpworth

JDRM Gavin Portraits-2

School Last Week

Evening Art Classes for Parents

A huge thank you to Mr Parfitt who began his art classes on Thursday evening. Inspired by the artist Eduardo Chilida, Mr Parfitt introduced a series of processes and materials for drawing hands. It was a huge success and participants can look forward to more workshops over the coming months. The class is currently full, but if you would like to add your name to the waiting list in case a space becomes available please contact Mr Parfitt.

Year 2 Gymnastics festival

Our Year 2 Gymnastics team took part in the Thanet Schools Festival at Callis Grange School on Tuesday, run by Thanet Gymnastics Club. The children had the opportunity to use the bars, beam, vault and they were taught various moves on the floor. At the end, the children had to perform a two minute routine to music. We only had two practices at this but the children performed it like experts. They were incredibly brave to do this in front of four other schools. Mrs Crompton said she can not express how proud she is of their courage and determination. They were an absolute credit to the school.


Primary Maths Challenge Bonus Round

We are delighted to announce that we have an incredible five children who have qualified for the Final Bonus Round of the Primary Maths Challenge.  A huge congratulations to Stanley, Theo A, Genevieve, Nicholas and Clara in Year 6 for achieving such an incredible result.  The next stage will be a rigorous 45 minute maths test which will take place in early February.  We wish all the children the very best of luck and we are very proud of them. 

School This Week

Alice Henry, The Reading Coach

Following Alice’s success last term, we are excited to be able to offer further coaching sessions to children in Years 5 and 6.  Alice shares her thoughts here:

Time for reading is time well spent!  You probably already know this to be true but may be struggling with implementation or have questions about this.  Maybe your child used to love reading and now is super picky and just won’t settle down to read. Maybe they need a branch out and not just read fantasy? Or maybe they have never seen themselves as readers. What ensues is a battle between you and your child. 

Rest assured that I have heard many parents over the years lament the loss of the reader in their house. As an experienced reading coach, I have seen every type of reader under the sun; the developing reader, the dormant reader or the underground reader. In my role, I am able to meet them exactly where they are and help them grow a strong reading habit and see it as a passion not a chore. 

I achieve this through weekly one-to-one conferences where we set meaningful reading wishes, discuss the pupil’s current book and then set an appropriate mini reading goal for the upcoming week. First and foremost, it is my role to enthuse a young person to enjoy reading and help them find the ‘just right’ books. Young people need to see themselves as readers and this means sharing their ideas and me listening to them. I prompt them to read more deeply and expand on their thinking. This helps in so many areas of a young person’s life; socially, emotionally and academically. 

In ‘The Power of Reading’, Stephen Krashen’s meta-analysis of research investigating independent reading over the past forty years, it showed that no single literacy activity has more effect on students’ comprehension, vocabulary knowledge, spelling, writing ability and overall academic achievement than free voluntary reading. Therefore, we need to create more space in our ‘busy’ days for voluntary reading. I can support your child with habit formation, inspire them with the best ‘just right’ books for them and then hold them accountable for the goals they set. 

If you’re interested in your child having a reading coach then please contact either me (07494 746476 or alicethereadingcoach@gmail.com) or Mrs Crine in the office.


Burn’s Night – Tuesday 23rd January (Years 4 to 8)

We are looking forward to providing a hearty feast of haggis, neeps and tatties followed by Scottish shortbread during our Burn’s Night celebrations which will take place on Tuesday evening from 5.15pm – 7.00pm.  We have brought this forward a few nights but intend to celebrate no less with Tate in Year 8 addressing the Haggis. 

Afterwards, we will go to the Old Hall for Scottish dancing.  Children should be collected from the Old Hall at 7pm. 


Year 3 Trip to Wildwood

Year three are very excited about their forthcoming trip to Wildwood where they will expand on their learning in science.  They will be investigating different animal skeleton structures in a special workshop and will then visit the various enclosures to investigate different species. 

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch Friday 26th January

Members of the local Thanet RSPB will be joining us at 3.30pm in the dining hall/on the school grounds to provide hints and tips for birdwatching as part of the ‘Big Garden Birdwatch’ which is happening this weekend.

Exeat Weekend Friday 26th – Sunday 28th January

Please note that school ends at 3.30pm on Friday 26th January.  

Future Events

RSPB Assembly – Tuesday 30th January

Following on from RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, Bird Wise Kent will come in to do an assembly for Years 4 – 8.

Eco Swap Shop – Friday 2nd February

On Friday 2nd February (from 3.30pm), we will be running a ‘Swap Shop’ in the Sports Hall where you can come along and pick up some bargains.  We hope to invite some local retailers and organisations along.  There will be teas, coffees and cakes on offer too.  So, if you are having a ‘clear out’ after Christmas, please bag up any good quality adult or children’s clothing (washed), footwear and books you no longer need and bring to the office.  Thank you for helping us to care for the planet.

Please note we are not accepting toys for this swap shop.

We would be very grateful if you could also donate any hangers or clothing rails you may have for the event.

Year 6 Ski Trip – Sunday 4th February

Eighteen children are looking forward to jetting off to Claviere in Italy for a week’s skiing experience.  During their time they will enjoy time on the slopes as well as taking part in nightly activities.  It is set to be a trip of a lifetime!

Year 1 Trip to Powell Cotton Museum – Monday 5th February

Year one is looking forward to stepping back in time to explore the Museum’s animal dioramas and see the different habitats that Percy experienced and spot some of the incredible animals that he encountered. 

Internet Safety Day – 6th February

We will be running some special assemblies and activities in class to educate our children on the importance of keeping safe online

Pre-Prep School Show – Thursday 8th February

For parents in Little Denes through to Year 2, please save the date of the pre-prep school show in your diaries.  More details to follow.

NHS Mental Health Roadshow – Friday 9th February

On Friday, we are welcoming mental health professionals from the NHS who will be running a ‘self-esteem machine roadshow’. They will be working with children from KS1 and 2 focussing on wellbeing and how to stay mentally strong.

Half term begins – Friday 9th February

This will begin at 3.30pm for all children. Please note that we will not run an after-school provision on that day.

Winter Wander for Wildlife – Saturday 24th February

On Saturday the 24th of February, we will be encouraging the families of pupils in Year 6 and below to participate in a Winter Wander at Pegwell Bay Nature Reserve to encourage families to enjoy the outdoors during the winter months and raise money for the World Wildlife Fund and Kent Wildlife Trust. Bird Wise, RSPB and Kent Wildlife Trust will be present to help families to spot and identify wildlife. The idea is to meet at 11.30am at Pegwell, and for them to do two circuits around the Nature Reserve (which is 5km).

We hope that everyone gets behind this important cause and starts fundraising for their sponsored walk.  The funds will be going to two charities and you can start to raise funds for either:

World Wildlife Fund

Kent Wildlife Trust

WHD Challenge Final – Thursday 29th February

Who will be crowned champions of this prestigious general knowledge quiz?  We look forward to this nail biting final!

Free Book Giveaway – Thursday 29th February

Westgate Bookshop will be giving away free books on this day in the run up to World Book Day.

Senior School Open Day – Saturday 2nd March

We are opening our doors to prospective families in Year 7 and 8.

Year 8 Mock exams begin 4th March

Year 8 will complete a range of CE or scholarship exams in the Old Hall.

Mother’s Day Gift Room – Tuesday 5th March

The PFA are holding a gift room between 9am-11am on Tuesday 5th March.  Children can purchase up to 3 gifts which will be posted on School Money at a cost of £5 each.

Please complete this form to indicate how many gifts your child will purchase.

World Book Day (Little Denes to Year 2) – Thursday 7th March 

Children are welcomed to dress up as their favourite book character for the day.  There will be a range of fun activities happening that day for the children. 

Year 2 and 3 Trip to the Houses of Parliament – Friday 8th March

This is an exciting trip for our youngsters to witness inside one of the world’s most famous buildings and find out about the work of the UK Parliament.

Exeat Weekend – Friday 8th March – Sunday 10th March

Parent Consultation Evenings – begin 11th March

Please see your individual Class Dojo pages for more information.

Science Fair  – Wednesday 13th March

We are looking forward to celebrating Science Week beginning on Monday 11th March.  We will be holding a range of cross-curricular activities around the theme of ‘Time’.  On Wednesday 13th March we will be holding a Science Fair in the Old Hall, parents are most welcome to attend so please save this date in your diaries.  We will be issuing a project brief to the children where they will be guided to research and develop a science project/experiment of their choice to showcase at the fair.  We are also looking forward to taking the senior pupils to the Natural History Museum on Tuesday 12th March for a ‘Mission to Mars’ workshop.

Elocution Cup – Thursday 14th March 

For parents in Year 1 to Year 8, please save this date.  There will be three sessions in the Old Hall:

Year 1 & 2 – 9am

Year 3 & 4 – 10.30am

Year 5 to 8 – 6.15pm

Comic Relief – Friday 15th March

We will be supporting this important charity by wearing non-school uniform in exchange for a voluntary £2 donation.

Year 3 and 4 Show – Friday 15th March

Please note that this date has changed from the 8th March. We have changed the format of our Junior show this year, breaking it down into 2 smaller shows for Year 3 & 4 and then later in the year for 5 & 6.   We have taken this decision so that every child is able to embrace a larger part and so will have a better opportunity to shine on the stage.  2.30pm-3.30pm.  More details to follow.

Music Soiree – Friday 15th March

We are looking forward to an evening of entertainment, providing our students in Years 4 – 8 with a platform to showcase their talents, starting at 6pm. Please save the date for your diaries with more information to follow.

Denne Hill Cross Country – Saturday 16th March

This event is aimed at children in Years 4 and upwards, however children in Pre-Prep are very welcome to come along and run the course.  Cakes and refreshments will be served afterwards.

Lenten Service – Tuesday 19th March 

Please join us for our special service between 4-5pm in the Chapel.

Term ends – Wednesday 20th March

Please note that term ends at 12pm and there will be no after school provision on this day.

Easter Fair – Wednesday 20th March

On the last day of term, we will hold our annual Easter Fair with lots of fun and refreshments on offer.  The Easter Bonnet parade will take place in school time at 11.30am on the school field.  Once term has finished at 12pm, the Fair will begin with an Easter egg hunt, daffodil picking and games. More details to follow.


Please ensure that you have labelled every item of your child’s school uniform.  Any lost property will be kept for 2 weeks.  After that time, any unlabelled items will be given to the second hand uniform shop for resale.

We issued a letter On Dojo this week regarding the anticipated VAT application to school fees – please take time to read this carefully.

Holiday Club links

WHD Holiday Club

TSC Holiday Club

School Values Awards



Eden Hutchinson for always demonstrating the school values and trying so hard in lessons challenging himself. 

Sadie-Mae Buckley-Patey for good listening and making progress in phonics.

Year 1

Leika Weymouth – Leika continues to work exceptionally hard during all of her lessons and has especially made good progress in her writing. Leika also helps out without asking and is a brilliant assistant in the classroom!

Eva Roberts – Eva is such a kind member of the class and has made great progress with her reading and writing. Eva continues to push herself on to try new spellings and is working more independently.

Year 2

Joseph Wake- Joseph is setting the bar high with his level of home reading, which is spurring us all on to read more! 

Harper Donnellan- for her ever-growing use of expressive language in our poetry lessons. Harper particularly impressed us with her use of similes!

Herb Halton for being a kind and respectful member of our class who is always well behaved and always tries his very best in all lessons. 

Freddy Mulvihill for his focus and perseverance in class lessons. I am particularly impressed that Freddy has made a personal commitment to try and read more regularly at home, even though he has many after school activities. 

Year 3

Juno Palmer – Juno has just joined us this term. She has settled in brilliantly, joined in everything on offer to her even when she was a little apprehensive. It’s like she has always been with us!

Lara Davies- Lara consistently challenges herself to present her learning to a high standard and to the best of her ability. She is now realising attention to detail makes a definite impact on her work.


Year 4

Langa Ngwenya Robinson and Milo Baybars for always trying their best and challenging themselves in Maths.

Year 5

Darcey Page- for making a really super positive effort since returning from the Christmas holiday. 

Year 6

Cassius Gordon – for settling into life at WHD well.

Samuel Kane for always thinking and helping others and being kind and considerate.

Conrad Baybars – for being a kind, respectful boy who quietly tries his best with every aspect of school life.


Sadiq Adeyemi – for his kindness, maturity and excellent manners.  

Team of the Week:

Year 1 – for some absolutely amazing work in Humanities!  

Year 2 Gymnastics team.  Great resilience and bravery. They were an absolute credit to the school. Excellent behaviour and looked incredibly smart.

School Calendar

Please click here and scroll through for the most up to date calendar of events for the term.


This week the kitchen will be serving menu week 2

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Matches This Week

2.00pm start unless otherwise stated

Wednesday 24th January

Hockey v St Edmund’s U13 A Boys (a)

Spring Grove Rugby Festival U11 A Boys (a)

Netball v Northbourne Park U13 A Girls (h)

Netball v St Lawrence U11 A Girls (a)

Netball v St Lawrence U11 B Girls (a)

Thursday 25th January

Netball v St Lawrence U9 A Girls (a)

Netball v St Lawrence U9 B Girls (a)

Please always refer to the website calendar as it is the most up-to-date place to check for fixture changes and locations.

If your child has been selected for a fixture, we will communicate with you prior to the fixture with information regarding the recommended pick up time from Wellesley HD.

Matches Last Week


Hockey v St Lawrence U13 A Boys


Hockey v St Edmund’s U11 A Boys

Lost 0-7

Hockey v St Edmund’s U11 B Boys

Lost 0-7

Netball v Junior King’s U13 A Girls


Cross Country KSAA Wilbur 



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