Art with Grace


How to draw a dog with the word dog

Drawing Numbers 1-5


Drawing Numbers 6-10


If that was a little too fast for you, try using the pause button.



It’s been a strange time for us all, with many highs and lows. Grace asked some Welleslians:

What has been the best thing about ‘lockdown’ for you?

I loved being able to do my schoolwork from the comfort of my home and seeing NHS staff getting the recognition they deserve. Lillia (Block 3)

Being with my family and chickens and telling cool stories. Margot (Block 3)

Running most mornings. Mrs Brown

Sports morning at school, playing with friends and building a bug hotel with Mr Waldie. Sammy (JB)

Spending time with my family. Sam (Block 4)

Playing chaos tag with Suri. Amelia (Reception)

My most exciting moment during the lockdown was me having a photoshoot with a professional photographer for the promotion of the Holland and Holland shooting ground. We had to change our clothes many times and pretend to do different things. India (JH)

Watching TV series with my sister. Pip (JL)

Getting to spend time with all the children in the Pre-prep bubble. Mrs Franklin

Seeing my parents. Bruno (JH)

My sons came home. Mr Latteur

Getting a new trampoline and swing in the garden and being able to play on it. Malo (JB)

Coming back to school and going to the beach after school. Felix (JL)

Cycling to a nearby forest. Raf (Block 4)

Long walks and cycling with my family in the sun. Miss Hopkin

Spending time with my friends online and also thrashing Santi in ‘Smash Brothers’. Henry (Block 2)

My most exciting moment was when I was playing chess with my dad for a puppy. Amelia (Block 3)

Dancing on my trampoline listening to Beyonce. Immy (Reception)

Enjoying the sunshine. Mr Waldie

Playing on my new trampoline. George (Reception)